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Services and Fees 

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Consultation- Free!

A 20 minute consultation will allow you to ask questions and get to know one of our registered speech language pathologists. 


Formal Speech & Language Assessment- $500.00

Direct assessment time using standardized measures (1- 1.5 hours), interpretation and scoring, and a formal written report. A follow up phone call to review the results with the family may be scheduled with the clinician. May be used to access funding resources such as Program Unit Funding.



30 minute therapy session  $75.00 (Not offered for home based visits)

45 minute therapy session  $110.00

60 minute therapy session $140.00


Informal Speech, Language, Communication Assessment- $300.00

Direct assessment with your child and a written summary of the assessment findings. This will include a session to review the findings and set goals with the family. Please note:  Non-standardized assessments are not able to be used for funding sources such as Program Unit Funding, however, may help support other types of applications.


Motor-speech (Apraxia/Dysarthria) and Reading/Literacy/
Language Assessment and Diagnosis- Starting at $850.00

This option is offered for children grade 1 and up. Direct assessment time using standardized assessment measures can vary (1- 4 hours), interpretation of results, correspondence with school team or other health professional, written report and review with family. Consultation is required with speech language pathologist.  



Indirect client time- $140.00/hour

This will be discussed prior to the charge and includes clinician time spent in school meetings, phone consultations with client's other team members, writing progress notes and summaries or creating materials as requested by the parent/guardian.

Mileage  $0.50 per km

Applies to home visits further than 20 km away from clinic location (return trip).

NEW 60 minute therapy session with Speech Language Pathology Assistant $75.00

Client must see SLP on a bi-weekly schedule for SLPA supervision and goal revisions. Please inquire directly to regarding this service.

Please note: 10 minutes at the end of each session will be allotted for the clinician to provide home strategies/recommendations, write clinical note (required by governing professional college) and write correspondence/send resources to family if needed.

We have access to direct billing for Alberta Blue Cross and companies participating in Telus Health however, individual plans vary on if they can be billed directly. Please consult with the administrative team or your provider about direct billing. 

 A detailed receipt will be provided after service for submission to all other insurance companies. 

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