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Speech and Language Therapy
Articulation (the sounds we make) 
Language (how to understand and use words) 
Oral motor speech delay/disorders (Childhood Apraxia of Speech)
Early Intervention (late talkers) 
AAC (TouchChat, Proloquo2go, LAMP Words for Life) 
Social Communication (connecting with others) 
After evaluating your child's strengths and skills, your speech language pathologist will help create a unique therapy plan using the goals they establish with your family. They will use evidence-based techniques combined with your child's interests to create fun and effective treatment. We strive to build a connection with our clients so they feel comfortable and safe while learning new skills. Our intervention is aimed at making families feel supported and confident in implementing the communication strategies they have learned, at home. 

We are able to provide a variety of intervention techniques in the following areas:
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Wondering about the cost?

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