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    About The Team

Kathy Simon, Owner of Simon Says Speech Inc. and RSLP, MClSc. Speech Language Pathology 

I was born and raised in rural Newfoundland. For anyone who has travelled there (and even for those who haven’t) it’s arguably the friendliest place on Earth. Additionally, I grew up with two parents who have a nack for conversation. With these two things in mind,  I grew up as a “chatty” Kathy and this is where my love for communication all began. It wasn’t long before I found out that there was a whole profession dedicated to it and I made it my mission to become a Speech Language Pathologist. 


After completing my masters program at Western University, I began my career in northern Ontario servicing preschool, school-aged and adult populations in rural and remote communities. I worked with professionals as part of an interdisciplinary team such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, early interventionists and therapeutic assistants with children with complex communication needs.


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We often would service remote indigenous communities around various regions of northern Ontario. This experience humbled me, helped enrich my own indigenous roots, and grounded me in a family- centered approach. It really showed me the many barriers that families face daily and it shifted my practice from: what is the best intervention possible to what is the best intervention to suit this family. 


I laid roots in Edmonton in order to continue my professional growth. I worked in the education system with preschool aged children accessing Program Unit Funding and as a member of the AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) team. For children who have complex communication needs, the use of a communication device can be so powerful for them. Helping families explore this opportunity to discover their child’s voice is the most rewarding part of being a Speech Language Pathologist and what motivates me to be a strong advocate for my families. 


Simon Says Speech Inc. encompasses everything that I am: fun, friendly, and family-centered. Establishing a connection with the families I work with allows me to be the best supporter possible. My mission is to provide quality intervention and be a strong advocate for your family- here in Edmonton and across Alberta!

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Meet The Team

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Erin White, RSLP


Melanie Hutchinson, RSLP


Alesha Reed, RSLP

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Amanda Van Soest, RSLP


Tara McPhedran, RSLP

Stephanie Trussell, RSLP

Lonneke de Groot, RSLP

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Courtney Dennis, RSLP


 Claire Burry, RSLP


Cindy Lewis, RSLP

Janelle Morrison, RSLP
Maddison Sundquist,
Speech Language Assistant

Amanda Ulan, Speech Language Assistant 


Kathryn Parker,
Speech Language Assistant 


Erin Cote,
Speech Language Assistant 

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Speech Language Assistant 

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Speech Language Assistant 

Taylor Bergman, 
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