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Everyday communication - Personalized approaches 

Family - focused speech language therapy today,

 building stronger communicators of tomorrow.
Meet Kathy 

A vibrant Speech Language Pathologist practicing in Edmonton and surrounding regions. 

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Professional Development

Learn more about my specific areas of passion in the field.

Consultation & Assessment 

Find out more about if your child may require a speech and language assessment.

Speech & Language Therapy 

My techniques are play based and each session is rooted in your child's goals and interests.

Asked Questions 

Find out additional information about private speech language pathology services.

Therapy Sessions
I recently had the pleasure of working with Kathy in my preschool classroom, and her work ethic and dedication are to be commended. Kathy works well with children of various ages and is able to connect with them, making focused practice fun and engaging. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone seeking Speech Language supports for their child.

Kimberly Barber- Teacher 

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